éS footwear is excited to Introduce the NEW Limited edition ACCEL Slim Skate Rat. According to the Chinese zodiac, 2020 is the year of the rat, so what better time to celebrate all the Skate Rats around the world? There’s only one thing that matters to the Skate Rat, and that is SKATEBOARDING… an eternal obsession of pushing through life, destroying all limitations, and never, ever giving up. To all the Skate Rats out there, éS salutes you.

The ACCEL Slim in a rich red with luxurious gold accents has an iconic Skate Rat logo on the heel, has STI Energy Foam Performance insoles, and comes wrapped in a beautiful silk like shoe bag. This ACCEL will take your skating and good looks to new levels!

Talking of good looks, who better to represent the Limited éS Skate Rat ACCEL than the Chinese Skate Legend, kien “Donger” Lieu. Donger’s family is from a small village in Canton, China. At 4 years of age, his family settled in San Diego, California where he conquered skate spots that are still untouched to this day. He speaks fluent Cantonese and his Skate Rat philosophy speaks for itself. Known as having one of the highest ollies, aspirational style, and kindest, most generous personality – Donger is one of our favorite Skate Rats who has lived skateboarding 110% for over 30 years.

The artist of the éS Skate Rat emblem is Mark Kowalchuck who resides in Calgary, Canada and has been a Skate Rat for over 30 years. One of his favorite local spots just happens to be “Little China” in Calgary. Mark is a prolific designer and has designed graphics for many of the best skateboard companies in the world.

Pick up a pair of the #eS_SkateRat at you local skate shop or www.eSskateboarding.com.

Now, stop reading, GO SKATE!