CJ’s SKATEPARK is now available for private rental. You must phone ahead to book your spot.

To ensure safe social distancing, the skatepark has been divided into 8 zones.

You must book the zone you want to skate in advance by phone. There is a maximum amount of 5 people allowed in one zone. They will be rotating zones every 40 minutes so that everyone will be able to safely access multiple 3 different areas during their visit.

Bailey Segar

During each session, only 5 zones will be open at a time on a rotating basis so that we can clean 3 zones in between.

Private rental session times: 10am – 12pm; 12pm – 2pm; 2pm – 4pm; 4pm – 6pm, 7 days a week.

Cost: $180 for private groups of up to 5 people. You are required to organize your own group of 5 people so you can ensure everyone is practicing social distancing. 50% deposit is required.


Zone 1: Tech Deck mini ramps (2nd floor)

Zone 2: North street with keyhole

Zone 3: Centre street with A-frame

Zone 4: South street with flat street

Zone 5: Mini ramp and adjoining foam pit ramp area and deck facing vert ramp (note that foam pit is closed during COVID-19 pandemic for sanitary precautions)

Zone 6: Vert ramp

Zone 7: Concrete bowl

Zone 8: Back section under bowl with flat area and quarter pipes

Andre Young

-A CJ’s SKATEPARK Face Shield must also be purchased ($6) and worn by everyone in the park, pro shop, and washroom when you are not skating.

-Although not mandatory, we highly recommend that you bring your own mask to wear while you are skating.

-We will take your temperature when you enter the door with a non-contact infrared thermometer. If you have a fever, you will be asked to go home.

-If you are under the age of 18, you are allowed to have ONE parent/guardian stay while you are skating. The parent/guardian must also wear a Face Shield and stay in the viewing area upstairs and practice safe social distancing. With younger children, we encourage parents to remain with their group in the skatepark to ensure proper social distancing within their group. We know skateboarding can be a social sport, so we need everyone’s cooperation to ensure there are no interactions taking place less than 2 metres apart.

-No rental equipment is available. Please visit our website for safety guidelines so that you can bring your own equipment. Our Pro Shop is also open if you would like to purchase equipment or apparel. Concessions are also available.

-If you or anyone in your household feels ill or has a slight fever, stay home.
During your visit, you MUST practice safe social distancing and follow our strict safety measures. Failure to abide by our safety protocols will result in your immediate removal. We will not be issuing refunds. No exceptions.

Damon Conners
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