There are few videos in the history of skateboarding that have caused the impact that Menikmati made in 2000. Directed, filmed & edited by skateboarder Fred “French” Mortagne, Menikmati elevated how skateboarding was perceived from that point forward. Featuring the best skate team ever put together, Menikmati will go down as one of the most iconic videos & has set the bar for all skate videos from that point forward.

éS is excited to present a collection of footwear & apparel that reflects the greatness of Menikmati – keeping the enjoyment in what we all do alive forever. The word Menikmati comes from the Indonesian translation of ‘Enjoy’, the foundation of what skateboarding & éS is all about – promoting enjoyment to the world.

Accel Slim X Menikmati
Silo X Menikmati
Event X Menikmati

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