Marking the 20th anniversary of the original Rowley Pro release, The Rowley RapidWeld Pro delivers new technical updates, while staying true to its original DNA and aesthetic.

Well over two decades into his career, Geoff Rowley is still known for jumping down gaps and handrails few others would step up to. Leaning into Pro Skate innovations, Vans has created a shoe that can match Rowley’s standards and hold up to high levels of abuse.

With the Rowley RapidWeld Pro, Geoff wanted a WaffleCup outsole, which provides skateboarders the best of both worlds through vulcanized flick and board-feel in the forefoot, and support in the midfoot and heel. As its name suggests, the shoe also utilizes the Vans’ RapidWeld upper detailing – a stitchless construction for improved fit and feel, and seamless durability.

The Rowley RapidWeld Pro is now available at authorized Vans retailers. Learn more at