A new colorway inspired by archival footage featuring Mark Gonzales.

adidas Skateboarding unveils the Aloha Super “Karol Winthorp” colorway inspired by archival influences rooted in the classic 2006 video, “Krooked Kronichles” by Krooked Skateboards featuring Mark Gonzales under the pseudonym “Karol Winthorp” — famed casting director of the legendary street skateboarding film — and acclaimed director Adam Spiegel as “Spike Jonze.” Both aliases first appeared together in the seminal “Video Days” skate film produced by Blind Skateboards in 1991.

When the duo later reunited for “Krooked Kronichles,” they revived their aliases that led to the iconic shots of Gonzales filming Spiegel wandering the streets of San Francisco and Los Angeles in a pair of all brown men’s dress shoes. Today, Karol Winthorp re-emerges to immortalize the legacy of the timeless moment captured through the custom Aloha Super silhouette.

The Aloha Super “Karol Winthorp” will be available starting Dec. 12th via adidas.com/aloha_super in select regions.