At the beginning of March, filmer Eric Lebeau and most of the Studio Skateboard gang took off to Portugal for a couple of weeks. After the trip was over, Eric had planned to stay in Lisbon until April 7th with some of the crew.

Charles Deschamps, 50-50 

Sadly the covid19 outbreak forced them to come back to Canada early.
Here are some photos and a iphone edit that Lebeau made during their last week in Portugal. “It was a really weird feeling to skate around deserted Lisbon, like being in a sci-fi movie.” And while it was fun to be able to skate pretty much anything without getting kicked out, they were happy to be able to get on an early flight back to Canada and only truly realized the seriousness of the situation once in confinement at home.

Dylan Timmins, backside tailslide

The title of the video, 40HAINE is a play on word, in French it reads like quarantine but the word haine means hate.

Stay safe everyone and we’ll all be hitting the streets with big smiles on our faces real soon.


All photos by Eric Lebeau

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