Earlier this week, we talked to Wes Kremer about being the face of the new Sk8Mafia x DC collection, his loyalty to the brands, and his social media philosophy all before he caught his plane to Finland. Check it out below.

Let’s get right into it I’m sure you’re busy getting ready for your trip, any big plans while you’re in Finland? 

Pretty much see friends, drink some Lonkeros, hang out. They got this contest there and I got a couple of friends coming out. The contest is more of just an excuse for everyone to hang out and drink together and skate. So yeah that’s pretty much it, cruise and then going to Copenhagen afterwards.

So I wanted to ask about the DC and Sk8Mafia collab that just came out. Both of those brands are obviously super rooted in skate culture; so how does it feel to represent them both in this new collab?

Seeing this collaboration come together is more or less like a childhood dream come true. At least with Sk8Mafia because when I first started skating with the guys it was just a crew and they were barely making t-shirts. And then to see them collaborate with another one of my favourite brands growing up is, yeah I never saw it coming. I never pictured any of it happening but it’s cool because the logo that we’re going with for the collab was from the first video when Mafia became a company and I happened to be a part of that video.

You had a hand in the design process right? Any special features you want to take credit for?

Growing up I always liked clothing or a backpack with a lot of pockets. Little stash pockets, so I ended up throwing one in the hat. Actually I saw it when Wu Tang and DC did a collab and their hat had it. I was like, “oh my god, like, why doesn’t every hat have a stash pocket?” So I definitely gotta credit Wu for that one.

What’s your favourite thing in the collection?

My favourite thing is that the whole collection came together. But it’s sick to see Mafia with a puffy vest, so I’m gonna have to go with the vest. That’s my favourite part.

Some skaters obviously find themselves switching things up once they hit a certain point in their career, but you always say Sk8Mafia is for life. Is there something specific that makes you so loyal to them?

The company being from San Diego and it being all of my friends, pretty much where I started as a skateboarder, where I started feeling like I was part of a crew. These guys, I grew up with them, literally they brought me up and always looked out for me growing up. I just can’t see myself with anyone else or riding any other boards and I wouldn’t want to. ‘Cause these are the guys that I would skate with otherwise, with or without the Maf.

I asked some of the guys from my local scene if they had some questions for you, are you cool with a little rapid fire round?  

Yeah no worries!

Where do you keep your SOTY trophy?

Hahaha pretty much the second I got it I gave it to Mama. Mama took care of it, she brought it back home from San Francisco and since she brought it back it’s been sitting at my parents’ house, pretty much right before you enter the kitchen. Right there on the bar. So if you come to my parents’ house you’ll see it.

Would you consider doing KOTR next year if you were asked?

Oh wow yeah. I was talking about this with some friends. Personally I wouldn’t want to do it but if I got summoned, you have to do it. No, I would love to do it, like if I got the opportunity to do it I’d take it for sure. I know it’s a dreadful and gruelling process but in the end once you accomplish the whole thing you can say you did it. I’m sure that fact is pretty rewarding. Just going through it and surviving it. Cheers to all of the contenders, all the warriors that have been through it.

Do you have a favourite skater that you still look up to?

I have multiple. My favourite skater growing up was Tony Hawk. Yeah I got plenty. Danny Way, Tom Penny, all of pretty much Sk8Mafia. All my friends that I go skating with.

How often do you shower?

Honestly as much as I can, well not… I guess I take that back. I could probably shower a little more. But I shower like once a day. I try to, but you know if it doesn’t happen it doesn’t happen.

Drink of choice?


Best country you’ve ever skated?

Spain is always a good time. Can’t argue with that.

Alright so normally we’d end an interview by asking if you want to shout out your social media but you’re kind of known for an anti-social media philosophy. Why do you find yourself staying away from it?

Because everyone is drawn towards it. Everyone’s doing it. For me it’s just, I’ve just seen what it does to people. I see how everyone is just constantly on their phones and I’m still just clinging on to the glory years, what it was like when everyone just used to socialize outside. Before everyone was just in the popularity rat-race.


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