There were a whole lot of Go Skateboarding Day events from coast to coast this year. We spent some time at a couple of them happening in Vancouver and documented the shredding. Props to Take Five, Timebomb, Vans, Supra, and everyone else that made good things happen on Saturday.

All photos by Jeff Thorburn

Wade Fyfe starting the day off at Ambleside park with a Nose Manny up and down.

Huf Canada dirtbags Brett Gifford and Bryan Wherry.

Taylor Senft showing some love to the old Ambleside ledges.


Master ramp craftsman Mikey LeBlanc from Supra Distribution, and master skateboarder Rick McCrank.

Unknown shredder with a big Back Lip on the, ahhh… what is it…. oh the DGK box from Timebomb.

Another unknown ripper getting up on a Smith.

All ages out there.

The Lakai gap kept getting bigger and the tricks kept coming. 360 Flip.


You know you are stoked when MJ is in the session next to you.

Brett Gifford loves the Smiths.

After Cory Lakeman Ollied the gap at a massive length, the next logical move for it was the Hardflip.

MJ putting pen to cotton for a fan.

Magnus Hanson was handling the doghouse box with ease. Back Smith.

Mark “with a K” Johnson, 5-0.

Cam Schuster up-and-over and manny down.

Chris Roberts in the house.

Rick McCrank and Tony Ferguson talk about Ottawa, New Spot, and whatever else legends talk about.

Tony Ferguson with his classic Backside 180 fakie 5-0 to regular.

The Rodfather! Rod Ferens Front Crooking a coffin.

Demo master Cory Lakeman at it again with a Nose Manny.

Enter Hastings park. The future dropping in.

All ages were grabbing their piece of the air though.

Vans kept the party going with BBQ and beverages for all.

Contemplating the possibilities.

Geoff Matheson going full nasal grind on the eight-foot wall.

Little Riley Wong exiting the deep-end in a stale fashion.

The crowd loves big air. Geoff Matheson again. The eagle flies high.

The classics. Trevor Dunnett flying the eagle as well. The grab…

…and the release. Too good to not share as well. Look at that back leg. Casual.