The Van Doren Invitational went down at Hastings Bowl in Vancouver last Friday and Saturday. The city was buzzing from the stoke an event we haven’t seen the likes of since Slam City Jam, far too many years ago. Check our recap and let’s hope this happens again next year, even bigger and better.

All photos by Jeff Thorburn

Packed house and insane terrain.

Riley Boland high above the rest.

Alex Chalmers in the house! A legend with a FSA.



Nick Peterson takes a Backside Nosegrind into overdrive.

Ben Raybourn staring down the deep-end while Schmitty catches the action.

Willis Kimbel is a true original and had some rad moments. Smith grind through the kinked corner.

Robbie Russo walking the barrel of a shotgun spine.

Riley Stevens was a crowd favourite for sure. Back Smith in the deep.

With legendary blood pumping through his veins, Zach Miller bones out a FSA.

Keegan “Master of Puppets” Sauder, Noseblunt in the shallow.

Sluggo looked like a 44 year old teenager out there shredding with the rest of them. Red Dragon powered Smith grind.

Brad McClain slices a Back Tail into 3rd place.

Kevin Kowalski goes hand down frontside over the hip.

Chris Russell Back Tails over a PD piece.

Riley Stevens, fly out to Smith with a disastrous re-entry.


Hometown/home park favourite Adam Hopkins goes the distance.

Riley Stevens slobs out in one of the park’s favoured air pockets.

Raven Tershy dangles a frontisder in your face.


Raney Beres, Slob air before a TKO slam in the Cardiel Best Trick Contest.

Curren Caples brought his clean cut surf styles to the bowl.

Where’s Raven? Flying in Stalefish style, that’s where!

Bad photo, but this is Raney Beres commiting to the ultimate channel transfer that Hastings has to offer. He held on but went to the flat on his dome.

Ever the trooper, he climbed out on his own.

Cardiel knows gnar when he sees it, and that’s why Raney won all the best trick cash for that attempt.

Raven Tershy and Alex Sorgente wait to hear the winner…

Suffice to say he was surprised.

Capping off one hell of a contest. See you next year!