Tony Ferguson is a true Canadian O.G. Coming up in Vancouver at the dawn of the ’90s, he started his career with Plan B, helped launch Girl and contributed laid-back style to some of the most seminal videos in skateboarding’s history. We tracked T Ferg down for his recollections on his six classic parts. -Jesse Locke

Back Tail back in 2010.Caissie photo


Plan B – Virtual Reality (’93)

Music: Souls of Mischief – “Souls of Mischief “

Last trick: Kickflip Frontside Noseslide Brighouse Hubba

“’93, phew! This was my first video part, and everything was sure a lot quicker back then. I remember only having a few months to put the whole part together. Most of it was filmed in Vancouver, but we went down to San Diego once or twice. Skating and filming with all those guys was just rad. The same day I filmed my last trick, I remember Danny Way doing 360 Flip Noseslides on a handrail. He never landed it for the video, but I was so pumped after seeing that. It was huge for back then.”

Girl – Goldfish (’93)

Music: The Group Home – “So Called Friends”

Last Trick: Nollie Backside Tailslide, Nollie Flip into bank, hang on gate

“We started Girl in ’93, so that was a super busy year. I was living in L.A. with Eric Koston, and all of us skated together all the time. It was a lot more fun and not as much pressure. We skated the same spots almost every day and weren’t stressing about the video. The last trick wasn’t a banger, it was a line at New Spot. It wasn’t about getting your ender ender back then. The song came from a 10th generation tape that I taped off a friend, who taped his off a friend. Gritty and grimy.”

Girl – Mouse (’96)

Music: Gwen McCrae – “90% of Me Is You”

Last Trick: Switch Varial Heelflip Adams wheelchair ramp

Mouse is a great video. Everyone on Girl was so pumped to film, and there was so much going on. I can remember Guy Mariano starting to film again and everyone was skating together. There was a sample of my song in a Main Source song that I really liked, so I picked the original version in my part. It was Aaron Meza who made the trademark touch of soul songs in the mid-’90s Girl and Chocolate videos. The last trick was in L.A. at this spot we always hit.”

Chocolate – The Chocolate Tour (’99)

Music: The Beatnuts – “Watchout Now”

Last Trick: Backside Flip Fakie 5-0 Lockwood bank to bench

“All the skits in this video were super-fun. Spike Jonze directed them all, and we had a blast getting the cop car and the outfit for my character, Officer Randall. We were out in the desert somewhere near L.A., and I was stopping cars that came down the road, pulling random people over and doing checks. I was just trying to get into character [laughs]. To get my last trick, I remember going to the Lockwood benches with Meza around 8 a.m. before the kids got to school. This was before the spot got blitzed.”

Girl – Yeah Right! (’03)

*Tony’s part starts at 2:00

Music: Death In Vegas – “Help Yourself”

Last Trick: Kickflip Backside Tailslide Beneficial gap to ledge

“This was the first song I didn’t pick. Ty Evans put the montage together, chose the song, and when he showed me my part I was super bummed at first [laughs]. But after seeing how the montage came together, I realized Ty made the right call. It’s so well done, and being in it with Jerson Wilson and Rick Howard was super-rad. As for my last trick, Rick and I first stumbled upon that spot and skated it in Virtual Reality. It’s been there forever, but it’s super hard to skate so not many people have. That one was crazy.”

North 2: Port Moody Blues (’04)

Music: Steely Dan – “Do It Again”

Last Trick: Switch Inward Heelflip Riverside roof gap

“Jeremy Pettit was always out and about filming, so I threw a little part together with him alongside some older footage from Yeah Right! All the guys from Vancouver had a really good vibe. The first North video was cool, too. The day I filmed my last trick I did a bunch of other tricks over the same roof gap. Those roofs are fucked. They’re aluminum and bubbled and just had the worst pop. I remember Ted DeGros could do any tricks on them and I asked him, “How are you skating that shit?” Thankfully, I figured it out.”


This story was originally published in our Spring 2011 issue.