Back in February, the boys from Timebomb distribution made the trek out to Spain, some came from the east, some from the west. All with the same goal. To seek refuge and escape our winters grasp. These are some left over images from their journey.

Photos by Sam Fidlin (@samfidlinphoto)

Modern Spanish Architecture

Dillon Moore. Backside flip.

Dillon resting his feet in the ocean

Gab Galipeau aka Big Sexy

Gab Galipeau. Slappy Frontside Noseslide pop over.

Tyler Holm. Ollie.

Mitch Barrette keeping an eye on a busy landing

Kyle Van Driel getting an angle in a dried up river

Sam Lind. Slob Plant.

Matt Dupuis. Frontside Slash Yank.

Dillon Moore. Gap Frontside 5-0.

Dirty Mike D cracking a cold one for the boys

Drew Summersides watching traffic at a hectic intersection

Dillon Moore. Ollie.

Drew hitting top speeds at a classic Barcelona wave

Sun in February never felt better

Morgan des Turgeon enjoying the palm trees

Sam Lind. Boneless.

Sam Lind subway riding out of the city

Dillon Moore. Fakie Ollie.

TM of the century Tyler Holm getting all the right angles