We hit the open roads of Montana with part of The Source team, including Kevin Lowry, Dustin Henry, and more.

Words and photos by Jeff Thorburn

When the guys from The Source in Calgary approached me about a trip to Montreal this past summer, I countered with, “How about Montana instead?” Positive we’d see some great sights, and optimistic we’d find good spots to skate, we pointed it south on the open road with no agenda other than to poke around small towns and see what came of it. It turned out that every town we visited, small or smaller, had something of interest. Locals and police were always friendly and, in fact, not particularly interested in anything we were doing. It was perfect.

The whole drive through the state, I found myself gazing out the window at the amazing scenery. Winding rivers, rocky ridges, and towering mountains. So I always had a bit of a chuckle when I’d see a sign saying “Scenic Viewpoint Ahead”. How much more scenic could it be? On this stop, we marveled at the mountain range in the photo at the top of the page, and eventually Kevin Lowry got to playing around with a two-trucker on the guardrail.

Shortly after crossing the border from Alberta into Montana, we rolled into the small town of Shelby. Somehow, within just a couple of minutes, we found this rail behind a motel. Geoff Strelow was able to power a Smith Grind from top to bottom. Geoff blew his knee out later on in the trip, but he’s on the road to recovery and I can’t wait to see him back in top form.

Shortly before being boxed at a Cascade convenience store by a wannabe cop who was “callin’ the sheriff” on us, we found this crusty yet tasty wave spot. Dustin Henry, Backside Ollie.

See what I mean about the sights?

Camera operator Cory “Bacon” McNeil.

Kevin Lowry, bar-hopping in Helena.

Mike Campbell, tallboy Backtail. After this, Mike put his blue eyes to work on all the girls passing by.

Around the corner from the long rail in Shelby that Geoff Strelow was Smith grinding, we found this big ledge. Luke Gonis went straight to it pulled this Nosegrind with powerful finesse. Luke also fell in love on this trip with a girl at a mexican restaurant in Helena, and the drive back to Calgary flew by listening to him talk about it while we laughed hysterically. I hope the relationship is going well, Luke.