Skateboarding is often held accountable for introducing people otherwise unlikely to meet each other, let alone form a good friendship. It’s a lifestyle where an industry-heavy city with unique architecture can act as a magnet, attracting those who seek more. In the case and story of Sascha Daley and Spencer Hamilton, Vancouver, B.C. was the very hub where paths not only crossed, but they also shared the same home for a brief moment. The late 1611 East was a household in East Vancouver that played home to a talented group of skateboarders from all corners of the country. Since its demolition, these two have been sighted together in California, as well as traveling around the U.S.


Photo: Caissie


Sascha Daley on Spencer Hamilton

Do you remember the first video or photo of Spencer you saw?
I don’t know, probably something in SBC or Concrete circa triple-X tee days.


Being from the West Coast, was the first time you met Spencer when he made the move West? Or did you meet him out East before the move?
The first time I remember meeting Spencer was on the West Coast at the plaza in Vancouver.


What is the biggest change you’ve seen in him since the first time you met him until now?
Started from the bottom, now he’s here.


You seemed to get on Supra and go directly on tour with him and the crew. Did that happen naturally while skating with him, or was that something you worked on for a while?
I was skating a contest in Arizona, and I ran into my homie, Steve Clare, who is a sales rep for Supra in San Diego. I told him I was trying to get some shoes. He ended up being at a contest I was at the next weekend, and had a couple pairs for me to try. After the contest, I went back home to Oceanside and nothing really happened for a few weeks. Then, randomly, Spenny hit me up, telling me Dirty Clips [Dennis Martin] was trying to get a hold of me. He asked me if I wanted to come up to the apartment in Hollywood and skate and meet everyone. Everything ended up going hella good. I got to go on the Midwest trip that summer, and after, I moved into the Supra house.


Now that you guys are riding for some of the same brands and have spent time on the road together, what are the go-to tour techniques/rituals you’ve seen him do?
Spenny is the type of guy who brings his own handcrafted soaps for the hotel showers and wood-carved utensils with a sheath on tour. His packsack is filled with random and useful supplies; everything has a specific purpose: coconut oil for your healing tattoos, Maui Babe for the tan, Herbamare (organic herb seasoning salt) for the next snack he’s about whip up. On tour, he is the chef, medicine man and bartender. Also known to go MIA regularly, he wonders off and finds all sorts of stuff: farmers’ markets/fruit orchards/butchers/edible plants. He will disappear while at a spot and come back with a bag full of odd and interesting goods and share them with everyone. On the Midwest Tour, we had our own full-size cooler in the back of the van. We would maintain it every day with cold beers, juice and tons of fresh food. We called the cooler the fridge. We got a cutting board and a paring knife, and we would make epic five-star health food snacks while on the road in the middle of nowhere.


What are a few things that you never see him without on a daily basis?
Skateboard, snacks, tweest, Zippo, smile.

Photo: Hammeke

Spencer has always been an advocate of healthy living. Have any of his known regimens rubbed off on you, or is there anything you’ve learned from him that stands out?

His healthy ways and political points of view have definitely rubbed off on me. I’ve always been interested in freethinking. Being from the [Vancouver] Island, my mom is a next-level gardner and my dad is a fisherman. I naturally grew up with a good food background. It’s rad to learn about it more and share new shit you find out. I always look forward to talking about food and what’s going on in the world when we kick it. He’s always got a new doc for me to check out. It’s great.


Spencer always has thought-provoking board graphics and social media images. How important is it for guys like him who have a voice in the skateboard industry to do?
It’s extremely important. He’s using the little fame skateboarding gives you to educate people on food and corruption in society. People aren’t only attracted to him because he is an amazing skateboarder, but because he promotes good living and freethinking.


You guys are both in different countries right now. What would you bet he’s doing on a daily basis?
Skating, living good—what else?


Photo: Hotz

Spencer Hamilton on Sascha Daley

Do you remember the first video or photo of Sascha you saw?
I remember seeing him in SBC and Concrete quite a bit, always going big. But I remember my friend Jay Bridges telling me after an RDS or DC trip how fucking gnarly he was—in both skating and partying.


What is one thing about Sascha that has stood out to you since you’ve known him?
He goes 100 per cent. Whether he’s partying or on sober streak, skating rails or eating ice cream, whatever he does, he does it to the fullest.


Do you remember your first time skating together? Where was it?
Probably the Plaza… not exactly sure though.


Explain the Melrose Boyz.
The boys. We spend a lot of time in Melrose Place in Hollywood eating, chilling, turning up. It’s basically the best crew of guys. It changes day by day ’cause it’s getting larger, but it’s basically Neen Williams, Kyle, me, Sascha, all the guys from the Supra House. We meet up with Beagle and head out filming and hanging out. Follow @melroseboyz for the life and good times.

Photo: Morley

Sascha seems to spend a lot of time in Hollywood and skating in LA. I
s it a good idea for him to stick with the program down there now that he’s one of the newest guys on the team?
He seems like he’s on a good track with a good crew of guys. It’s always nice to change your situation every once in a while, and I think he was starting to get a little stale or something in Oceanside. Hollywood’s a little more chaotic, to say the least. Sometimes you need some chaos in your life.


What’s it like skating with Sascha?
We all know he’s got a lot of energy and skates huge spots, but I don’t think most people really know. Well, every time I skate with Sascha, he skates that way… it’s hard to pick just one time. It could be ledges or whatever, and it’s on. We did a Midwest trip, got out of the van to a natural quarterpipe spot. It was huge, almost a two-storey drop into it. We met up with another van of guys, and someone Ollied into it. The spot was huge. Sascha got all hyped up, rolled out of the van in his allover print pyjamas, half drunk, and kickflipped into it—not even caring, just did it. That’s how Sascha is, just pushing things to such a high level all the time.


What kind of things are you guys into besides skating? Do you hit the grocery stores, skip rope and work on your physio? Do you have a lot in common?
Yeah, of course. We’re roommates, so we’re always hanging together. Parts of his daily routine blends into mine, you know? He cleans up the house, and he’s actually pretty mellow to live with. It’s good too, because he’s sober, so I’ve been trying to stay on my game and just skate a lot with him.






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