Skateboarding is all about making use of the surrounding environment. The suburbs don’t have the cool looking skyscrapers that has made big city skating so popular, but they do have a lot other good things that are often overlooked. Pools have been associated with transition skating for as long as I can remember, but just as often they can be great places for street style skateboarding.  Whether its a flat gap over the pool or a handrail into the shallow end they usually have something we can make use of.  Once the masses of sweaty people have all cleared out from the summer and the weather starts too cool off the pools get drained and we can move in to have some fun.

Text and photos by Nathan Stripp

Brandon Del Bianco, Switch Heelflip

CodyBeaudry, FrontsideSmith

DamonConners, Frontside Shuvit

EvanPerkins, Frontside 180

SandoAngotti, Backside Kickflip