Studio Skateboards: The Atlantic

With the release of The Atlantic, Studio Skateboards latest video offering, we checked in with Jai Ball, the man behind Studio, to see what he’s got cooking for 2018.

Hey Jai, do you want to tell us a bit about this video we are playing?

Our good friend Ross Smith who runs Surface Skateshop and skate park in Riverview, NB, just outside of Moncton, brought us down for a demo last year. He worked out funding with the city to help cover costs, can’t say enough about Ross and the city of Riverview. Anyways, we went down for a demo, driving from Montreal 11 hours to Moncton and decided to make it a weeklong trip and head down to Halifax to see Zach and Jon at Pro Skates and just skate around. It’s our third time doing this trip since 2010, and half the team is from the Maritimes, It’s like a tri-annual pilgrimage back home for them, haha.  Basically it’s an excuse to visit two shops we love, skate around, do a demo or two and just get the team together and have fun.

Jai Ball, frontside nose slide, 2011 [0] Dan Mathieu

What do you have planned for 2018? Any other big trips? 

We’ve got a few more short projects coming this year; Joey’s got a part coming for May 1 and Zander’s working on something for late summer as well. We’ll probably head down to New York a little, it would be nice to go back to Chicago and see Brett too.

Studio has a pretty solid team, any of these guys turning pro this year?

Big plans, big plans…

Joey Larock, Ollie, 2017 [0] Ryan Lebel

I think it’s amazing, we have rad Canadian brands, shops, mags and great skaters.

Andrew McGraw, Wallride, 2014 [0]Dan Mathieu

I hear you are going back to running Studio from your living room, wanna tell us a bit about this? 

Haha, yeah I gotta buy some shelving! I did the last couple seasons with a larger distribution partner, but for spring I decided to bring it back home and get my wife Laura involved. She’s gonna handle a lot of the administrative stuff while I do the designing and sales. Spring will ship right out of our apartment but we have plans for an office come summer.

For a skate brand I just thinks it’s important to handle everything directly and let’s be real, there’s not a lot of extra money floating around to pay people. When there is I want to involve friends and family and keep it tight.

What do you think of the state of skateboarding in Canada right now?

I think it’s amazing, we have rad Canadian brands, shops, mags and great skaters.


Brian Wherry, Switch Pop Shuv it, 2014 [0] Keith Henry


Chris Melvin, Switch tail slide 270, 2013 [0] Dan Mathieu

Do you sell more online or retail?

Almost all retail. Thank you skate shops!!

You ran Studio from Vancouver and Montreal, how would you compare both scenes?

They’re both amazing and complement each other well. It’s a tough call, I’m from Montreal and Laura is from Vancouver, we’re always torn between the two! Vancouver has better weather and beaches and I love the Plaza & Terry Fox scene. Miss you Wherry! I guess Montreal is home so I’m always a little bias towards it. You only get seven months out of the year but they’re glorious for skateboarding and city living; food, patios, beers in the park and spots for days. But I love both cities, if I could afford it we’d spend winters in Vancouver and Summers in Montreal.


Zander Mitchell, nollie board slide fakie, 2014 [0] Dan Mathieu


Kyle MacDonald, Ollie, 2015 [0] Dan Mathieu

What are you looking forward to see in 2018?

Continuing to grow Studio with our new friends around the world and see the team happy and healthy. Take my wife on a vacation. Keep skating, help my friend Al at his printing business and see my family more. It’s crazy, I’ve been trying to make skateboarding happen for almost twenty five years now. I got sponsored at 15 and I’m 38 now. I’ve probably lost more money than I’ve made in skateboarding but I still do it because of the feeling I get rolling up to Peace Park, designing a graphic or finding the right song for video. I just want more of those feelings.


Brett Weinstein, backside 180 nosegrind [0] Dan Mathieu


Andrew McGraw, Backside 180 kick flip Switch Manny [0] Dan Mathieu