Hey Skylar! What’s going on?

Hey Alex, not a lot. Sitting in my backyard, having a cold one, just ordered sushi.

Oh wow. Sounds like a nice Tuesday evening. Is [your dog] Bowser there?

Yeah Bowser is here! He is just staring at me.

Is he hyped on the big backyard at your new place?

Oh yea! I think so. We still haven’t gotten over the language barrier so I can’t really tell. I’m hyped though. Being able to let him go sh*t at midnight while I’m still in underwear is nice.

Being able to let him go sh*t at midnight while I’m still in underwear is nice.


Do you think Bowser’s psyched that he doesn’t have to deal with your secondhand smoke since you’ve given up cigs?

[laughs] One hundred percent. He’d always come out when I was smoking then get so bummed on the smell and wouldn’t even get close to me.

Do you feel like quitting smoking has affected your skating all?

I definitely won’t look as sick in B-Roll clips.

True. Health-wise, do you feel anything’s changed?

No, not really. I mean I can definitely feel a difference in everyday stamina and just breathing in general. That must translate the same in skateboarding but I don’t think I notice it as much anymore.

Have you ever considered quitting drinking? It seems like it’s almost a trend these days to be totally health conscious, you know? Working out, being sober, yoga, all that.

For sure, I mean it’s crossed my mind. Probably just because so many people have lately so I wonder, “Hmm what’s the hype?!” But I feel like it’s just another extreme. Seems like you can’t just enjoy a couple cold ones without being an alcoholic, and you can’t take a few days off without being a sober health freak. I think you just gotta balance sh*t. I’ve started trying to eat a bit better and be conscious of where my food comes from but I’ll still grab a few pounds of deep-fried Chilliwack wings if I’m really craving it.

Yeah, now that we’re 25 all the bad habits can catch up pretty quick. Not that 25 is that old, but in skateboarding it sometimes seems like it. Kids are getting so gnarly at such young ages.

It’s very true. It’s actually insane. It seems like you can’t go on Instagram without seeing the gnarliest things ever and every day you’ll see something gnarlier than the last.

Do you like that?

It’s cool to see I guess, sure! Like watching a guy grind a thousand kinks or quad flip body varial nosegrind a ledge is cool to see. Like those f*cking “people are awesome” montages or something. That’s all that sh*t is, like, crazy stuff that shouldn’t happen but someone can do it. It’s sweet to see once but I don’t think I’m gonna sit and watch a full part of it…I don’t know man!

Yea, it doesn’t really get you psyched to skate the way a full length video or part would.


So what do you have planned for the rest of this year?

Going to Italy at the end of September, but you’re coming so you already know that. We booked the two nights on the Lil Yachty together.

I actually cannot wait. I hope we don’t skate at all.

I don’t have a whole bunch planned otherwise. Are you working on something? You tell me Alex, what are we doing?

Yeah, I’m making something for sure. I’ve started putting together a little teaser, but this is the first time I’ve “officially” told anyone. Hopefully by the time people read this they can watch it and are hyped.

Wow, this is exciting! Hopefully they watch it and are bummed. Then we can try even less in Italy [laughs].

You’ve lived most of your life out here on the west coast of Canada, right?


Have you ever considered making the move out to Toronto or Montreal? It seems like those are the hot spots in Canadian skateboarding right now.

I spent just a few days in Toronto last summer, basically for the first time, and I can 100% tell you I wouldn’t live there. Too f*cking humid. I have considered Montreal though, and think I’d love it there. But I honestly have so much love for the west coast it would be hard to get me away. I feel like I’d rather go to another country or Far East Canada before those two.

You think you could handle those cold Montreal winters?

Oh f*ck, I didn’t even consider the winters. Yeah f*ck both of them.

I spent just a few days in Toronto last summer, basically for the first time, and I can 100% tell you I wouldn’t live there. Too f*cking humid.

You were on a big road trip with [your girlfriend] Nicole when you were in Toronto, right? How was that?

Yeah, it was incredible! Drove from Vancouver to Toronto, down to New Orleans then over to California through the southern states and back up the west coast.

That sounds awesome! How does a trip like that compare to a skate trip with the boys?

[laughs] It’s really incomparable. I will tell you one thing though, I was definitely a lot more timid to do certain things being with one little girl instead of a group of like 5-10 sh*tty skateboarders.

Well Skylar, I think it’s about time we wrap this up and let you get back to that sushi. Anyone you’d like to thank?

I’d like to thank Volcano Sushi for keeping me fed tonight. Tyler, G and everyone at Timebomb, Craig and Kolby and the rest at Ultimate, Scott at Grand and the whole Pentagon family. Thank you all for the help over the years! And of course you Alex.

Aww, Thanks Sky.


Interviewer Alex Doyle

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