Birling Skateshop in Ottawa partnered up with the independent radio station CHUO to record a podcast (at the shop) about the significance of music in skateboard videos.

Here is what Adam Wawrzynczak, co-Owner of Birling and podcast host had to say about this first incursion into the podcast world:

“Skate videos used to be far more infrequent of an occurrence compared to today. Up until around 2010, there was only a small handful of “main” skate videos that would come out in a year…which made them more cherished AND more likely to be re-watched. Today’s online parts/videos are usually only watched once or twice. Even Nyjah’s newest part which came out a few weeks ago is buried! Fifteen years ago, skate videos were re-watched to the point they were essentially studied. In this way, skaters would become intimately familiar with each aspect of their favorite pro’s skating…their push, their foot placement, the specific way they kickflip…by watching their parts over and over again. Along with this, the song accompanying the skater’s part got drilled into the viewers mind, which often times was a window into their personality/skating. A good song selection for a skateboarder’s part is a reflection of them and especially when that part is re-watched so many times, this song may become irreversibly linked to that skateboarder. It’s impossible for me to not think of Andrew Reynolds’ part from Emerica’s 2003 “This is Skateboarding” whenever I hear Jimi Hendrix’s song “Burning of the Midnight Lamp”.”

There really are endless possibilities in which music may be used in skate videos.

“Faster songs pair well with faster skating, however, aggressive music was not always necessary for skatevideos. A music selection could also be a statement on the setting where the video was filmed. I always thought that selecting Jazz music was perfect for a more urban setting. There really are endless possibilities in which music may be used in skate videos. Undoubtedly, there are many instances where little thought was put into selecting a song for a skater’s part – however, the effect is usually still the same and that song is still linked to that skater and that time period in skating. In any case, the wide range of different personalities/interests/styles of skaters are reflected in the discography of music from skate videos. You can find any type of music in skatevideos: from hip hop, to reggae, to heavy metal to techno even. At the very least this provides an avenue for a skateboarder to be exposed to all types of music, which is awesome! They may quickly find that they aren’t too into a particular type of music but just as often skate videos may be the avenue for a skater to fall in love with a new genre of music, previously unknown to them.”

Sit back, relax and enjoy The Sound Of Skateboarding.