Seeing Double

Between 1996 and 2003, I had the chance to document Barry Walsh and Marc Tison go over each other on many occasions, below are most of the doubles I captured over the years.

This is the first double I witnessed Barry and Marc do, and it’s the only one with Marc going over Barry. You can’t see it from this photo but Marc was skating with a bandage on his right eye to some injury. Just for fun, try to skate with only 1 eye next time you are on your board. Boucherville Skatepark 1996.


Barry backside ollie over a alley-oop nosegrind by Marc Tison. Ramprage 1997.

Barry Walsh, kickflip indy and Marc Tison alley-oop nose grind. Boucherville skatepark, 1998.

Random demo, around 2005.


The first double at the Pipe. Barry Walsh frontside air over Marc Tison’s backside tailslide. 2003.


Once they unlocked the doubles at the pipe, they would randomly throw one down on the regular. This time with a back smith from Marc. 2005.

Same day, different angle.

Different angle, different year. 2006.

Thanks Barry and Marc for all the amazing skateboarding over the years! Can’t wait to shoot the next double!