Photo Gallery 19.1

We hope you enjoy this photo gallery, consisting of photos from the Exposé Section of issue 19.1, by some of the best skateboard photographers in Canada.


Will Marshall, switch frontside heelflip [o] Nathan Éthier-Myette
If you feed this little gremlin after midnight, he might do some crazy stuff. Chris St-Cyr, magnificent frontside kickflipé [o] Dan Mathieu

Skateable backyard pools in Canada are rare AF, but when the stars are aligned, anything can happen. Adam Hopkins, invert. [o] Sam Fidlin

Winter sucks. It’s cold and sometimes your car won’t start. Instead of using cables, Fred boosts this no comply by using a jersey and gets safely back on the road. [o] Dustin Seca
Corey Teskey braves all types of weather and environmental conditions to capture this heelflip. [o] Sam Fidlin

Lee Yankou likes to go fast and has more pop than a bottle of Veuve Cliquot so it’s inevitable that his trucks would end up on the top bar. 50-50. [o] Dan Mathieu
Pretty in pink, isn’t he? Johnny Purcell, switch fs boardslide in Paris. [o] Nathan Éthier-Myette
Ryan Lepore eats a steady diet of board slides on curved rails. [o] Sam Fidlin
Ty Peterson’s nosegrind is so stylish that someone should make a statue of it. [o] Nathan Éthier-Myette
You can’t do this, you can’t do that…PISH POSH! Ryan Decenzo will do tre bombs wherever he damn pleases. [o] Dan Mathieu