It seems like there’s a lot of talk about changes in skateboarding right now, doesn’t it? Talk of big brands doing this, small brands doing that, corporate this, and core that. You can talk politics and opinions on it all day at the shop, and then go home and do the same online all night. I’ve had those talks before, and I’ll probably have them again.

    It’s worth reminding ourselves though that this is all nothing new. As long as there’s been skateboarding, there have been brands coming and going, people doing weird things, people doing lame things, and people doing rad things. That’s the way it always has been and the way it always will be. How could it be any different? And although it can be fun to talk shit with your friends, why bother wasting your time talking about things you don’t like, when you could talk more about and get involved with things you do like? I know I sound like the preachy positive guy that we all know goes home and lets it out on a punching bag when no one is looking, but really, spend your time supporting and learning about the things that get you stoked, not moaning about the things that get you down.

    Most importantly, rememember—skateboarding will always feel the same. No matter what new small company started, who lost their shoe sponsor, and what corporate brand is making a push into our world, skateboarding will always be the same at it’s roots. Skating by yourself tonight will feel the same as it did ten years ago, and it’ll still feel the same ten years from now. There are always those moments of clarity, where all you think about is bashing the shit out of a curb, and you forget about all your gripes and worries. There are also moments where you hit that hidden crack and go down hard in the middle of the street. Life has to keep you in check.

    There’s nothing wrong with keeping up on everything going on in the skateboard industry, but sometimes I think it’s just better to enjoy it, and not worry about who’s owed what and what company is trying to make money off of us. What I’m saying is, don’t let what’s going on the skateboard business get you down on the act of skateboarding itself. Skateboarding rules, always has and always will. —Jeff Thorburn, editor

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