North Kaka

Ri Abderrahmane, smith grind over the death box while Jean and Vince enjoy the moment.


After 22 years of skateboarding I still cannot pivot fakie because of Julian. I first met Julian when I worked at a shop with a Mini ramp in the back. He used to come drink beer and heckle me for having access to a ramp and not being able to axle stall. For those of you lucky enough to have skated with Julian you will know him for his relentless love of slamming and his addictive witch-like cackle.

On that night he taught me how to feeble fakie. That gave me enough courage to try and pivot fakie. With his cackle and words of encouragement I soon found myself at the bottom of the ramp having taken one of the more painful slams of my youth. Hooking up on a pivot fakie shattered my chances at professional stardom but brought me closer with a great skateboarder and mentor.

Julian, Ri and I have been making the journey down south every year for more than ten years to skate empty pools and backyard ramps. Most skate trips are all the same, so you do not want to hear about that. We skated, drank beer and people ripped. Same shit different year, just like our fearless leader and veteran Julian who still has a love for falling and I still cannot pivot fakie.




This was our backyard for 10 days. Bob Hovey owns a skateshop and he rents this house on airbnb, it is massive and the pool is skateable until tourist season kicks in. Aaron Cayer frontside grind while Phil Dulude hangs out.


Nick Bohne, backside tailslide
Phil, ollie over the homies.

Julian Garner is a legend. We celebrated his 45th birthday on the trip. He still takes slams like he is 15.


Tanning coach and grinding machine, Jean is a beast.
Phil Dulude is really good. Backside tail slide.
Julian Garner, nosegrind to fakie
Here is another Canadian legend for you, Richard Sarrazin, lien air.


Vince Baldo, hauling ass around the corner.
Jesse Ramirez, tail block judo.

MVP of the trip, straight outta Québec City, Charles Corbin, axle stall pull in.




Darwin, texas plant
Phil Dulude and Jesse Ramirez
Baldo needed his handrail fix. Ri agreed to find some for him.


Ri Abderrahmane
Aaron Cayer, nosegrind
One of the funniest human and obviously another Canadian legend, Chris Connolly. That hand drag tho.



Words by Aaron Cayer

Photos by Dan Mathieu and Aaron Cayer