At SBC Skateboard Magazine we strongly believe in print media and we love to see all the small ‘zines popping left and right. Its pretty awesome to see skateboarders take matters into their own hands to make sure that print does not go away in this short lived digital aged.

Mississauga photographer Nathan Stripp recently released the first issue of his ‘zine, Neighbourhood, below are a bunch of photos from that day along with some words from Nathan.

Ben Paterson


Neighbourhood is an independent skate zine based out of Mississauga, Ontario with the purpose of supporting the local skate community. To celebrate the release of our first issue, a best trick street competition was held on May 22 at Mississauga City Centre. The location seemed fitting as everything is within close proximity allowing us to skate from spot to spot, with the day starting and ending at the City Centre Skatepark.

It was a great day and everyone killed, Cody Beaudry took home the first place spot followed by Riley Cronin and Travis Young-Robinson.


Damon Conners, 180 nosegrind to forward


Cody Beaudry


Ben Paterson, switch frontside boardslide.



Thanks to all our event sponsors that helped make the day possible (Hustler Boardshop in Oakville, The Local Skateshop in Hamilton, Emerica, Altamont, Karat, Madn3ss and Team LT.