I spent a weekend in NYC with Jake Cormier, James Leger, and Ryan “Bootsy” Boutilier. Our trip was planned super last minute; we took the bus and found a cheap Airbnb in Brooklyn with a couple bunk beds. After cruising around the neighbourhood, we met up with Charles Deschamps and skated around Manhattan. We met some sick locals, who showed us their side of New York. Although it was a quick visit, It was enough time to catch the vibe of the city and get a boost of motivation. Definitely want to make the trip down regularly!

-Ryan Lebel


All Photos © Ryan Lebel and Jake Cormier

Video © James Leger


James Leger, varial heel flip


Ryan Bouthilier


Jake Cormier, noseblunt slide



Ryan Lebel


James Leger, kick flip


Jake Cormier



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