Every year, the city of Montréal comes together for the MQC annual City Hall Poser Game Championship. The event started in 2000 when Bernard Mailhot decided to invite the whole city to come and play a game of Poser on ‘the’ City Hall bench. Enrollment was 5 bucks, and the winner would take home the cash and the trophy, The following year Bernard re-organized the contest, and the trophy was passed on to the second champion. The following year the game coordinating was succeeded by MQC, and against the odds of getting lost or broken the trophy has survived over a decade, being passed on to the new champion every year. As an underground event, the Poser Game continuously faces the pressure of finding new locations. But that’s what makes the event magic. Despite the complications, the game has adapted to the streets, triumphing in the face of miserable people and the laws that exist only to shut the game down.

For the 10th year Anniversary MQC bronzed the original trophy, build a costume base, and had the names of its previous champions engraved on it.

This year the game was held in Veterans Park, and for the first time ever the entrance free thanks to help from Vans and Pabst Blue Ribbon. The final three skaters in the game came down to Andrew McGraw, Johnny Purcell, and Zander Mitchell who took home the trophy for his third time non consecutively.

Here are some photos from Wednesday night, all photos shot by Ryan Lebel


Hugo Balek


Alexis Lacroix


Paul The Russian


Johnny Purcell


Andrew McGraw


Zander Mitchell


Zander Mitchell and MQC’s Dave Boots