Prepare your boards for the third edition of Montreal’s “Rollout” on Sunday, June 18th!

The meeting point at 2:30 pm at the Parc des Royaux (corner of Rouen and Avenue de Lorimier).
At 3:00pm the Rollout start towards Peace Park, with a stop at the corner of Berri and Maisonneuve where the novice skaters will join the heard.

Once the mob of skaters arrive in Peace Park we will take a group photo before the $500 in cash for Tricks jam session starts.
There will also be a BBQ fundraiser for the Montreal Skateboard Association, music and a product toss.

Here’s the low-down on the schedule:

Schedule of events:

2:30PM:  Meeting at the Parc des Royaux (corner of Rouen / de Lorimier)

3:00PM:  Descent to the Place de la Paix

3:15PM:   Meeting with beginners

4:00PM: Arrival + Group Photo

4:15PM:  Cash for Trick + DJ + BBQ

6:00PM:   Presentation of the prizes

Be sure to let them know that you’re coming by hittin’ up the event on Facebook here and also be sure not to miss the launch party!

Presented by: Pabst Blue Ribbon

Sponsors: Etnies and TRH Bar

Skate Shops:  Outlaw, Rollin, Spin, Palm Isle, & Empire

Media Partners: SBC Skateboard Mag (That’s us),

Production Partners: SAT, Ville-Marie, ASM, MQC