MADE WITH LOVE, the most extravagant mixology competition, is going to present its National Final on May 16th, at TRH Bar, as part of the closing evening for the Invasion Cocktail Festival.


We know TRH Bar for its crazy and outrageous nights, during which the concept of forbidden just doesn’t exist. The reasons are good to ask why MWL has chosen this venue for this year’s grand National Final. But after all, the cocktail and skateboarding cultures have quite a lot in common.

According to the founder of MWL, Pierre-Olivier Trempe, who himself is an ex-amateur skateboarder, the notions of community, development, and above all, fun, are very strong pillars in both worlds. Just like in the cocktail industry, the world of skateboarding is a highly close-knit community. Constant practice of his passion, coupled with an obsession to attain a superior level of perfection, is especially strong. That is where skateboarding and bartending meet one another, and that is why MWL has decided to unite these two worlds in an evening of utmost singularity this upcoming May 16th, at TRH Bar.
All while accepting the “classy” and “glamourous” sides that go hand-in-hand with the world of mixology, Pierre-Olivier feels that cocktails must and should stand out from this framework. According to him, the democratization of this culinary art occurs through the introduction of cocktail events to new clientele and in new establishments. We will certainly have our MWL charm defined through our glamorous and extravagant cocktails, but expect a touch of skateboarding with a competition organized by TRH Bar and Pabst. Moreover, on the program: flair bartending, cocktails from the competition to enjoy, Pabst Blue Ribbon open bar, as well as a #JagerBBQ on the terrace of TRH Bar. A wonderful mix of elements that will give this night, on May 16th, a Glam Trash appearance, transporting you away from where MADE WITH LOVE and TRH Bar have transported you in the past.