SUNNY x LULU – A short video by TJ Rogers

The good homie TJ Rogers recently sent us a message saying he’d like to share a little video he made. At first I thought it was a video of him skating but no, he filmed and edited the whole thing himself. I didn’t know TJ was into filming so we had a little chat about it.

Yooo TJ, wanna tell us a bit about this edit? Did you film and edit the whole thing? 

Yes I filmed and edited the whole video. Last year on my birthday I purchased an Xtreme fisheye for my Panasonic HVX200 I had traded my homie Wade Power years ago.

How do you know Lulu and Sunny? And where are they from? How did this edit come about?

I grew up skating with Sunny ( Tyjae Armstrong ), he lived on the boarder of Whitby/ Oshawa and used to buy boards off me when we were younger. Lulu ( Lucas Franklin ) Grew up in St Catherine’s area. I just met Lulu this year in February when Sunny and him came to visit me in California. Sunny was in SF driving down the coast from Vancouver B.C. He had stopped to skate with a bunch of other Canadians that rented an Airbnb for a few weeks including Lulu. Sunny convinced Lulu to “ toast his whip” and drive down the coast to my house where they stayed for 2 weeks and we filmed this edit.

Is filming and editing something you want to pursue in the future?

I definitely have always had a passion for filming, it’s so satisfying filming a trick and getting it the way you envisioned. It’s very similar to landing a trick. So now that I have the equipment to film professionally for my friends, I’ll do it on the side for fun or when I’m hurt. But editing is another beast. I never really had much experience with final cut and to be honest it was a bit challenging for me. Juggling skating, contest, it took me a while to get in the editing booth to really try and learn. It’s not perfect, but practice makes perfect and I’m stoked on the way it turned out! Thanks again SBC for giving me the opportunity to showcase this over your site! Much love everyone!

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