“No Rules” – Josh Evin

After the passing of skateboarder Josh Evin in 2010, his friend Daniel Nelson made a pact to one day purchase land and build a heart-shaped bowl in his memory. Now, seven years later, he is proud to announce that the project is ready to begin and could use your support. Check out the message from Daniel below.

My name is Daniel Nelson, I recently purchased my first home and property in the Kootenays. One of my biggest dreams since one of my best friends Josh Evin had passed away in 2010 was to some day buy my own house and land and build a heart shaped bowl in honour of Josh.

The day has finally come where I can announce its ready to be built! If it wasn’t for Josh I would have never known about the Kootenays but because I got to go on skateboard tours with Josh at a young age I got to see how amazing the Kootenays really was and told myself one day I’m gonna move here.

I’ve already talked to a bunch of friends of mine and Josh’s that build skateparks all over the world and they said they wanted to be part of this so all the money donated is going towards materials like concrete, rebar, machine rentals, and travel expenses to get them up here to build this one of a kind bowl in memory of Josh Evin. The spot I chose for the bowl as you can see in the photo is overlooking the beautiful mountain ranges.

Skateboarding, woodworking and Josh have had such a huge impact on my life and I wanna combine them all next summer and start a skate camp for the Local youth teaching them how to build their own skateboard and teach them how to skate the bowl and the knowledge of who Josh Evin was and what he meant to the Kootenays and the skateboard world. The goal is to have the bowl built this October before first snow fall.

– Daniel Nelson

To show your support, check out the fundraising page here.