Jackalope 2017 was a success! Nice weather, beautiful people and amazing skateboarding all came together for the 6th edition of the Jackalope. Below are a bunch of photos from Saturday’s vert demo and the girls and guys finals on Sunday.


Tony Hawk


Lizzie Armanto


It was a bummer that the homie PLG couldn’t skate because of an injury, but it is always good to see him in Montreal!


Elliot Sloan



Congrats on your second place Annie Guglia!


Mariah Duran kill it and got first in the women’s division. Hardflip.


Nassem Lachhab, kickflip backside nose blunt


Greg Lutzka, frontside kickflip


Dave Bachinski


Ben Garcia


Morgan DT


Micky Papa, switch frontside feeble


Martin Pek


Jayden Bono



All photos ©Dan Mathieu