It’s a thing of Beauty – Local Nomads In Spain

“It’s a thing of fu**ing beauty”
I think that sums up the overall feeling the crew had on this trip.
For most of the team this was their first trip overseas so we weren’t really sure what to expect but without a doubt the boys went in on Barcelona.


Arrie Vissers kickflip

We arrived at like 8pm after travelling for 19 hours and still none of us could sleep, we all just wanted to get the wheels spinning.
So we passed around the skate tools, set up our boards and headed to the one and only MACBA, of course.
I wasn’t sure how everyone would react to the chaos of a nighttime sesh at MACBA but it didn’t seem to phase any of us. We fit right into the hype of skating and drinking 50 cent beers.

Tyler DeBathe backside kick flip
Arrie Vissers 50-50 transfer

For the rest of the trip I don’t think anyone blinked. Everyone was wide eyed the whole time, from the “skate 3”esc spots to the mesmerizing architecture, from the beautiful beaches to the mountain top views.

Somehow we managed to be there on one of the coldest weeks of the year but we definitely did not let that get us down. It even snowed one day which was kind of crazy. We were at the famous 7 block when it started snowing and we knew we weren’t gonna trek back to this spot again so Ryan Jacusiw manned up and threw down like a champ, flurries or not he was getting his trick.

Ryan Jacusiw frontside 180 wallride


We did end up getting one really nice day and sure as all hell we made good use of it. We took the metro up to the Canyelles area on the North Central side of Barcelona. We found ourselves following a seemingly endless string of amazing, legendary spots, everyone got clips that day and maybe even a bit of a sun tan.


Chris Fish 50-50


On the last day in Barcelona we decided to split up in a few different directions. Kayla Della-Nebbia, our “hype man”, and myself, Arrie Vissers, spent the morning hiking up Montjuic while the rest of the team headed out to get some last minute magic for the video. Later on that day we all met up and decided it was an absolute must to go to the Bunkers Del Carmel (a great place to drink beers and watch the sunset). We had to hike quite far to get up to this view and everyone was a little flustered with me, the proclaimed tour guide of the trip, but when we got there there was no shortage of “wows”. The view of Barce from up there is breathtaking and when the city lights up at night it feels like you’re on top of the world.
Amongst all the beauty Jay Dworsky, owner of The Local Skateshop, decided that was the right time and place to bless me with an official spot on the team. Needless to say we celebrated appropriately. *cheers*

Jay Dworsky pivot grind


Ryan Jacusiw kickflip


When headed out to London the next day, we heard that there had been snow on the ground for the past week so our expectations for skating were low but when we arrived there was no snow at all, just a layer of classic english dew. We figured our first order of business would be to head straight to the PALACE store and then wander SOHO afterwards. The next day we hit up House of Vans to skate the park and managed to get an hour or so before they closed. After that we sort of naturally found our way to Southbank with a herd of locals. Even though the ground was wet and slick, Jay, Ryan and Tyler were so excited to be there that they threw down their boards and had some fun… or at least it was fun until Ryan went all 2009 Bam Margera on us and tail dropped of the high ropes into the bank. Inevitably his face met the ground with a substantial amount of force and we ended up taking him to hospital, luckily he walked away with only 3 stitches and hopefully a lesson learned.
Our final day in London was a miracle, it was warm, sunny and not a cloud in sight. We took the morning to cruise around the city scoping spots, getting kicked out mostly, and then ended up spending the afternoon back at Southbank getting our final kicks for the trip.

At the end of it all we all walked away with one heck of an experience, a pretty neato video and some awesome photos. 

Special thanks to Jay Dworsky, Chris Fish, Tyler DeBathe, Ryan Jacusiw, Kayla Della-Nebbia, and Arrie Vissers

Arrie Vissers smith grind


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