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Ty Peterson stands up tall on a Frontside Grind at BC Place in Vancouver, risking life and limb to land the coveted cover spot. Keith Henry photo.

adidas Canada in Valencia / As difficult as it is to focus on skateboarding in an architecturally beautiful Spanish city, with cafes and beer vendors on every corner, the boys in the three-stripes came through and brought plenty of skate action to the Valencia streets. And most thankfully, notes were taken on the golden lines being delivered by one Charles Rivard.

Parks and Recreation / Converse always loves an out of the box project to work on. In this feature we set out to shoot photos only at spots in, you guessed it, city parks and recreation facilities. The limits imposed didn’t slow the team down at all though, as they charged monuments, pathways, wading pools, and more.

Made in Canada / Studio Skateboards has been a presence in Canada for some time, but now more than ever it seems poised to get recognition outside of our borders. With some new additions to the team and a video project on the horizon, we decided to check in with the crew.

Tandem with Jamie Thomas and Colin Lambert / Colin Lambert has been massively influenced by Jamie Thomas and Zero since he started skateboarding. How did that admiration turn into a friendship with the Chief? Read on to find out what they talk about; it’s not all handrails and Half-Cabs.