While Tanner heals up from an ankle injury, he sat down with us for a rapid fire round to talk about his favourite underrated product sponsor.

So tell us a little bit about yourself. 

I’m from Long Beach, California, I was born here and I’ve been here ever since. I’m 22 years old now.

When did you start skating?

When I was a baby my brothers had boards and my mom and dad skated when they were little so it was kind of around; there were always boards at my house. Apparently I first got on a board and started rolling around when I was three. And then I just did kid stuff like sports and everything but still skated a little bit. And when I was eight skating became all I did; so I would say eight.

All time favourite trick?

Probably a kickflip but if I had to pick a ledge trick, a good ledge trick, it would probably be a nollie crook.

Favourite skater?

Shane O’neill is the dude I watch probably the most; him and Ishod.

Who are your biggest supporters?

My parents I would say. My parents and my girlfriend, they’re the ones. My parents forever.

So how did you get involved with Rat Cheese?

I think we were on a trip to Arizona for a video we were filming in 2013. I was with John Hill, and Mike Piwowar, we were the ones skating. And I think it might have been Mike that was on Rat Cheese already. And I was skating with Mike a bunch so I would be on his Instagram, and then Tino hit me up through Instagram and asked if I was down to get some Rat Cheese.

It’s just like a team thing, they send boxes randomly and we’re always stocked on wax. I don’t think I’ve ever had to hit him up for wax, he’s always super on top of it. So we’re happy to rep it.

What’s so great about it?

It’s just cool like it’s one of those sponsors that, I don’t want to say you need it but, it’s super sick to have. To always have wax means you don’t need to go buy it or ask people for it, you just have it.

The wax, it’s different than other wax. Everybody knows it works; all of my friends we all know it’s super good wax. It also doesn’t melt, so if you were to leave it in your car it doesn’t melt and get everywhere. It’s up there.

How important is it to have good wax when you’re skating?

I’m a ledge skater, that’s my main thing and so it’s super important. You don’t want to be at a spot and not have wax on a dry ledge. You don’t want to be getting stuck all day, it makes ledge skating way harder. To have wax is kind of the best thing for ledge skaters.

What’s coming up next for you?

We’re working on a part right now. My friend Brian and I. I got hurt a month ago, I’ve had a rolled ankle so I kind of slowed down. It was supposed to come out this month but everything gets pushed back so it’s for sure going to be out this year but I don’t know when yet. We’re almost done so it’s just getting healed and finishing the part. So that’s something to look forward to I guess.

Any social media you want to shout out?

For sure Rat Cheese @ratcheesegourmetskate and then my Instagram is @tannrrlawlrr