In Spain In The Membrane


Not another Barcelona article! Ughhhh… Barcelona’s been done, it’s played out, do something different.. That’s what people told me when planning this trip. And to them I’d say, “I’m going to Barcelona baby!”

Text by Tyler Holm

Photos by Sam Fidlin


Sure it’s been done a countless amount of times, but for good reason. First of all, if your willing to travel outside of the city centre you can find amazing and less known spots. Secondly, we did this trip with a group of guys who mostly hadn’t been to Barcelona. So with that came a new presprective towards the iconic skate destination. If you can put together the right crew it really doesn’t matter where you go. I could’ve traveled to any piece of shit destination with these guys and we would’ve had a good time. But instead we went to Barcelona!

Sam Lind, 5-0


Usually on a skate trip you need to rent a van and I usually end up driving while all the boys drink beers in the back. Barcelona has the flawless metro system that takes you everywhere you need to go and then some. So because of that I could also drink beers on the back of the train with the boys.. haha.

We all stayed in an airbnb, pretty prime location. Somehow didn’t get the boot and actually lasted the 15 days. There was one night I thought for sure we were done for. About 8 of us went for a drink on the roof top patio at our place. Unfortunately the epic Spanish view was blocked by a couple fences. So we decided to climb on top of the tenants roof so we could enjoy the view with a 40 and spliff in hand. About two mins into our roof sesh a man comes out in a furious rage! “WHAT ARE YOU ALL DOING UP THERE!? GET DOWN !!! I’M CALLING THE COPS!!” Fuck this guy was pissed. We all had to walk right passed him and he individually yelled in each of our faces. He was so loud that all the neighbours started to wake up and grill us as well. The guy actually called the cops too, but when the cops arrived to our place we just laid low and in the end never had to deal with them. haha. This guy was overreacting. We shouldn’t have been up there but at the same time we didn’t damage anything and we had been fairly quite. In the end I got my first bad Airbnb review. Which considering all the skate trips I’ve done is a miracle. About time, haha.

Dillon Moore, 360 flip


Matt Dupuis, fs boardslide transfer

The crew was a bit random but I like it random, you don’t know what to expect. Dillon Moore, you can’t stop this guy. Any spot you take him he’s trying to figure out something he can do. Dillon’s always trying to push himself and commits to everything. Andrew Summersides is the man. Infectious laugh and style on a skateboard that’s as good as they come. He’ll just be enjoying himself not worried about nothing, and all of a sudden decide he wants to try something, and most likely it’s going to blow your mind. Pierre “PIF” Yves is an anomaly. I don’t think there’s anyone his age on the planet skating rails the way he does. Hugest rail you’ve ever seen, he’ll take one look at it, pop a couple ollies, then just calmly hop on it like it’s nothing. So much confidence, it’s inspiring. Sam Lind is so fucking rad. Dude is so good its fucked. If I could choose one word to describe Sam it’d be FUCK. Such a beast. Mitch Barrette is a legend. Pretty sure he has the best nose manual balance on the planet. Hill bomb nose manny no sweat. He’s also got a huge bag of tricks to back it up and is known to jump on some big daddy rails. Mitch is also the best dude to have on a trip, funniest midget in the game. Morgan DT was the youngest on the trip but didn’t faze him at all. He fit right in, was killing it on the reg, filming insane ledge lines that pretty sure no one else on this trip could do. He’s a humble kid with a great attitude. Matt “Nimrad” Dupuis is such a funny SOB. If he didn’t do one trick I would’ve still been stoked to have had him there just for the laughs. But he was cracking jokes and stomping the yard so, ya. Nim is the shit. Gab “Big Sexy” Galipeau is the fucking man. Always good vibes and seems to know everybody and have every connect you’d ever need. Plus a bag of tricks you don’t see too often. We had 3 filmers on this trip. Myself, Mike Davidson, and Kyle. His name’s just Kyle, like Cher. 3 HVX’s later and we’re sitting on clips! One thing I love about Sam Fidlin is that he’s probably more down to skate himself then shoot a photo. Sometimes it sucks when a photographer is putting pressure on the crew to shoot photos when everyone is just trying have fun. If no one has a photo to shoot, Sam’s more then stoked to just skate himself. I respect that a lot in a skate photographer. Plus he shoots amazing photos, as you can see..

Morgan DT, bs smith
Mitch Barrette, crook


Would I go back to Barcelona again? Of course, you’d be a fool not too. Love me a siesta. We should adopt the siesta lifestyle in North America. People seem less stressed in Spain, more laid back. Life doesn’t have to be so stressful. Everyone’s in some fictional race trying to get to what? Just enjoy the time we have and take advantage of any opportunity you can to skate. I feel very fortunate to be able to travel with these like minded people and to be able to create this content that one day we can look back at with fond memories. Huge thanks to Timebomb Trading for the support they gave us on this trip and to skateboarding as a whole. Much love.


Tyler Holm, ollie
Sam Lind, chicken wing


Gab Galipeau, walkie board slide


Drew Summerside, smith grind

Matt Dupuis, fs 5-0 grab
Pif, gap to boardlside