Go Skate Day 2018

We hope you all had an amazing Go Skate Day beautiful people!
Scroll through our massive photo gallery to see some of the events that went down all over Canada.


MONCTON  – photos by Dustin Seca


Charles Saulnier
Erik Maclean

Steven Steeves



OTTAWA – photos by Aaron Cayer


Bryan Barbier
Chris Connely

Shogo Shimizu



MONTREAL – photos by Dan Mathieu


Jesse Ramirez
Anne-Sophie Julien
Pat Tremblay

Rat Pack


Matt Dupuis
Mason Cluett


Seb Carranza

Andrew McGraw


Guillaume Lepine


Aimee Garrett

Alexis Lacroix

To watch the video edit of Go Skate Day in Montreal, clic here.


TORONTO – photos by Nicky Young


Jayden Bono

Lo Kee
Zack Ganni


CALGARY – photos by Liam Glass


Chad Baker


Cole Stephens


Devanté Keith


Josh Lasante
Justin Stephan
Walter Nicholls


VANCOUVER – photos by Sam Fidlin


Cameo Wilson

Dallas Ives
Ryan Decenzo
Ryan Decenzo
Mickenzie Keller
Mickey Ray
Mickey Ray

Reid Spak
Reid Spak
Spencer Hamilton
TJ Rogers
TJ Rogers