Whats one thing you wish you could change about the current skate scene?

‘The people who are overly serious about it. The jock mentality. Even if skateboarding is now an Olympic sport, we are still a bunch of idiots riding wooden toys and jumping to our balls on handrails’

Who is one person that inspires you outside of the skateboarding world?

‘Alexis Lacroix. Forget the skancing , its the OHHHYEAAAHHH mentality that inspires me!.

If you had to give up your skateboard talent for another talent, what would you choose?

‘You mean if I could be mediocre at anything else what would it be? I guess investment banking? You don’t need to be good at anything if you can make enough money’

Whats one moment in your life you wish you could re-live again?

‘Black Sabbath show at the Gorge. Such an epic weekend. Camping. Beer. Swimming. Sabbath. Matt Schlager’

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Photos by @samfidlinphoto

Video by @alexdoyle