As many people know, youre in the midst of becoming a certified nurse. Whats one story where your education really came in handy on a skate session?

‘I skated a contest recently and someone had a seizure. From my basic first aid classes I knew most important thing was to call 911 so if the seizure got worse, the paramedics would be there to intervene. After I called, myself and two others gave basic first aid support until they arrived’

Whats your favourite part about the west coast Canadian skate scene and what keeps you staying here instead of moving to the east coast or heading south to California?

‘Family, friends and familiarity’

If you had to give up your skateboard talent for another talent, what would you choose?


Whats one moment in your life you wish you could re-live again?

‘Skating with my closest friends when we were all just starting out and learning’

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