Kickflip by @samfidlinphoto

Now that you’ve been living in Hamilton, ON again for a handful of years. whats one thing you miss about the California days and whats one thing you don’t miss at all?

‘Definitely miss my friend out there. The 601 house, Bootleg days and 100% the weather is legit always the best there. Things I don’t miss is definitely being in traffic for days and sleeping in closets or floors. Couches were chill . Definitely miss it out there though.


Being one of the founding fathers of the beloved ghetto gown, whats a new fashion trend you’re backing now days in skateboarding and whats one thing you think skaters should stop rocking?

Haha I definitely thought it was super sick at the time, I still love overly baggy clothes and run it myself but I have seen some of my stuff from back then that makes me cringe for sure! But I don’t discriminate, theres definitely some wild kits out there these days but fuck it, everyones different right? Nice to see all the old Philly east coast style pop back around too. Love that shit, I feel like skating is the best its been in awhile, more creative but fools are still crazy good all around.’

Nollie 360 flip by @combzone

If you had to give up your skateboard talent for another talent, what would you choose?

Thats a tough one. Most likely a pro basketball player or some baller of sorts haha. Somehow be a part of Wu-Tangs shit. Definitely have some doe though would be tight.’

video by Devin Guiney

Whats one moment in your life you wish you could relive again?

Probably those early days in Long beach, had a pretty heavy squad . We all skated and are young. Everything was new and a trip for sure. Miss those times the most but still in touch with all my boys out there.’