Four Pack Friday: Annie Guglia


Whats your favourite guilty pleasure skate trick?

Frontside flips for sure ! And nollie bs bigspins on gaps. 🙂 



Ollie. Photo by Elodie Salomon


Who inspires you to be better and why?

Kids that shred. When I see kids pushing themselves, focusing and trying new tricks, every time I see them it really inspires me. I work at a tiny indoor skatepark in a high school in Montreal as a mentor for teenagers, and before I started that job, sometimes I kind of forgot that I can still learn a completely new trick that I’ve never tried before. It’s random but I learned fakie hardflips the other day with one of the kids, and then another day we’ll work on body varial combinations and stuff like that. It’s fun. In skateboarding and in life in general, kids really inspire me to never settle.


Nosegrind. Photo by Elodie Salomon


What are you addicted to? 

COOKIE DOUGH ICECREAM. And ramens. But I swear I eat healthy the rest of the time hahaha.


Wallie. Photo by Dan Mathieu


Do you think the Olympics are gonna be good for skateboarding?

I think it’s globally gonna be good for skateboarding, because I don’t think it’s gonna change anything for those who don’t want to be in the Olympics, and on the other hand, it’s gonna create a bunch of opportunities for skaters who want to pursue this new path.

I see “skateboarding in the Olympics” as a completely different thing rather than “outsiders trying to steal something from us”. I think skateboarding as it is will stay exactly the same (or evolve the way skaters want to) and then the Olympics are gonna be particularily beneficial for women and skaters in countries where skateboarding isn’t big yet as new opportunities will arise and a bunch of new skateparks will be built.

When people hate, I’m like…why? what do you have to lose? If you don’t want to be in the Olympics, don’t be. No one cares. Shred for fun, it’s sick! But giving that opportunity to another skater doesn’t take anything away from you.

In the end I think it only depends on how we choose to see things, and I choose to see the Olympics as an opportunity for skaters rather than a threat. 🙂 


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