Whats your favourite part about living in Quebec City and what keeps you staying there instead of moving somewhere close and popular like Montreal?

‘I think mostly family and friends. Also its relaxed, rent is cheap so you are able to travel a lot in a year to go skate instead of being stuck in the same city. I got side jobs here and they are into skateboarding as well so I cant complain. The skate plaza is like 5 minutes from my place and the indoor park too.. so always got a place to shred. I like going to MTL, its only two hours and a half drive but Ive never had the need to move out there. Always good to see the homies, if I want to skate a spot there ill just leave QC in the morning do my thing then come back home’

[fvplayer src=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTbpM5KPPi4″]

Video and Portrait by Charles Giroux

Whats the longest you’ve gone without skateboarding and why?

‘Ive got a lot of situations that kept me off my board in my life. Seems like every video part Im filming comes with a challenge. At 17 years old I had to fight leukemia but I got on my board like 3 months after..skinny and fragile but on my board. Then two years ago, I was filming for the RDS video, got back from Shanghai and I started shitting blood..it was gnarly..doctor didnt know what I had really until I wasnt able to eat and sleep. It was right before the deadline for the video, they kept me at the hospital for like a week and got diagnosed with a Ulcerative Colitis. Lost like 20 pounds and my muscle were gone… not the best scenario for a deadline. And now Im filming a new part which should come out next year, april 2017 I was in LA getting footage for it and Ive torn my ACL completly. Got surgery september 5th 2017 and started skating 5 months after. That is longest Ive been off my board’

Photo by James Morley

If you had to give up your skateboarding talent for another talent what would you choose?

‘Maybe a musician, I suck at playing instruments and I really dont know much about music. But I feel like If I had a musician talent that you can make a living out of it would be rad. You can go on tour with your band, hit the road. Work on songs and album just like a video part, plus you dont have to worry about getting older really.  Its a hard question, a lot of talent out there that would be tight to have’

Photo by Dan Zaslavsky

Whats one moment in your life you wish you could live again?

‘Every premiere of a video part, the feeling of accomplishment and the good energy from everyone . Its like a drug, thats why I keep doing that, to re-live that feeling’

Photo by Nathan Ethier-Miette