Whats the first rule for living in a van?

“Stay organized, clean, and stocked. Living in a confined space will get messy quick if you don’t have discipline. Cooking, dishes, clothing etc. is a lot to happen in the same box. Get a gym pass so you can hit the shower everyday, no employer wants to keep the smelly van guy or girl around. And always keep the fridge stocked. You’re not really saving on living costs if you’re eating out all the time”

If you could have one trick you don’t already have for one day, what would it be?

“If just for the day, Kyle Walkers roller coaster kink rail grinds. Lock in and hold on for the ride and hope you don’t get pitched!”

Whats one moment in your life you wish you could relive again?

“Thats a hard one but id probably go back to early skate session with the old Thunder Bay Crew. There this photo from 2001 of a group of us on the deck of the local mini ramp, we all used to be a really tight crew. Skating all day everyday all Summer and in different basements in the winter. As the years went on everyone kind of went their own way and most stopped skating. In the past five years, three of them have past away. I wish life struggles could go away for one more raging session with the boys”

If you had to give up your skateboard talent for another talent, what would you choose?

“Having a pilots license would be a good one. Rent a plane, bring some friends along. Fly wherever you’d like and explore the world!”


Photos by @samfidlinphoto