éS footwear recently took their new shoe, the SWIFT 1.5 to court – the West LA Courthouse, in Santa Monica, Ca. Skateboarders have accused the SWIFT 1.5 of being the best skate shoe of the decade.

A subpoena was sent to Tom Asta and Ronnie Creager to testify on this accusation. Under oath they both agreed that the board feel, durability, and 90’s styling was above and beyond what they’ve been looking for in a skate shoe.

VERDICT: Guilty of being the best shoe of the decade. Any objections to this decision should be made at your local skate shop or online.

A deposition of the case revealed amazing facts:

·      Inspired by éS 90’s heritage styles

·      Iconic éS accent embossed into ollie area

·      Dual lacing system

·      Thermothane toe protection

·      STI Energy Insoles

·      400 NBS outsoles

·      100% designed by skateboarder for skateboarders

Case closed.

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