Trent Matley, Wallride Nollie

Words and photos by James Morley

This past weekend, CONS continued their series of global community events designed to inspire the next generation of creative spirits with another free workshop in Toronto. This time around, the event focused on the construction of skate structures. Participants gathered in a warehouse filled with tools and ramp building supplies to meet their mentors: Blue Tile Lounge’s Gord Hardie and Rob Poyner, the man behind the Dunbat park in Toronto.

Rob Lane from Blue Tile Lounge, along with Rob Poyner and Gord Hardie

After going over some background information about building ramps and how to take these skills into the outside world, everyone got to work. Participants learned how to design and cut their own templates, and used the supplied parts to construct a variety of obstacles, ranging from quarter pipes to boxes and wedge ramps.

At the end of the day, participants entered a draw to win some free sneakers and had the opportunity to skate their new structures alongside CONS Canada ambassadors. All of the participants had a great time and left the event inspired and with a wealth of information about how to build skate structures for themselves and the community. And, if the positive experience for everyone involved wasn’t enough, the obstacles built throughout the day were donated to Dufferin Grove Park for the benefit of the Toronto skate scene. A huge thanks goes out to Gord, Rob, Blue Tile Lounge, and CONS for putting on such a great event. Can’t wait to see what the next one brings.

You know Gord measured twice before this cut.

Homies lending hands.

Converse’s Wes Loates and Taylor Johnston run quality testing procedures.

A spine waiting to be tapped.

Solid crew in effect!

Scott Varney stayed late for a Backside Nosegrind.

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