On Saturday, Cons Project: Toronto continued their series of creative workshops with a lesson on skate video filming. A huge crowd of kids showed up with cameras in hand, and ready to learn. The workshop was lead by extremely talented Toronto filmmaker Nick Genova and Blue Tile Lounge’s Rob Lane. The workshop started with a look at some of the mentors’ past video work (such as segments of Nick’s “Eulogy” and Rob’s “Four Letter Word” and “Fistful of Loonies), as well as other iconic video footage for inspiration.

            After a food truck dropped by to dish out a small feast for everyone involved, Nick went over some basic filming techniques that they could use with any camera available to them. Then, the participants were surprised with free smartphone lenses from Olloclip, and they set loose to film for the rest of the day. Cons Canada ambassadors and Don “Nuge” Nguyen were on site to skate the ramps that were built at the last workshop and provide some awesome subject matter for the new filmmakers. Overall, everyone involved had an amazing time, and the workshop proved to be a huge success. With the way that these workshops are picking up momentum, there is nothing but good reason to be excited for what they bring next.

Trent Matley, Nosegrind

Nick Genova.

Nuge, Kickflip.