Charles Deschamps has been killing it on a skateboard for as long as we can remember, and his skills on the devil’s plank are paying off; Charles now has is own signature shoe with DC shoes!

Last night, Empire Skate Shop hosted a BBQ / Best trick contest at Montreal’s Le Taz Skatepark to celebrate the release of Charles’s X DC Shoes colorway.

Here are some photos from last night shot by photographer Ryan Lebel.

Charles Deschamps, backside tailslide


Vince Baldo, noseblunt slide


I don’t have the name that goes with this hard flip, let me know and I will update!


Alexis Felix Laplaine, frontside crook


Giovanni Vacca, backside tailslide


Jessy Jean Bart, 360 nosegrab


JP Grenier, pop shuv


Félicitations Charles!


If you want to know more about Charles and his signature colorway on DC, click here to read a short interview on the Empire website.