Catching Up with PIF

In the early 2000’s, Pierre-Yves Frappier aka PIF was on top of his game. He was travelling the world, entering every contest, making decent money and appearing in a bunch of magazines and videos. As classic as it sounds, skate life took him to rock bottom and around 2006, he disappeared from the industry, only to come back more then half a decade later. Even if he’s now well into his thirties, he’s still as good as he was 10 years ago, going as big and gnarly as ever, even looking exactly the same. 

If we had to prove that skateboarding could be a new alternative to Cryogenic freezing or stem cells, PIF would be the perfect subject for the experience.

Dan Mathieu


Frontside boardslide. photo Sam Fidlin

Hey Pif, whats new with you?
Not much!! I’m still working hard and trying to skate on days off.

What kind of work you do?
Roofer!! I’m working on rooftops. I’m the man that installs shingles.


Backside Kickflip. Photo Joseph Roby.


How old are you nowadays?

How do you manage to still skate rails and gnarly spots like you do?
You need to be confident, stay focus and just be having fun with your friends!!

How is the body holding up?
Just scratch my right elbow pretty hard last weekend in Sherbrooke, I’ll be out for 2 weeks. Besides that I’m feeling 26 years old!

How do you keep in shape? Do you have any health routines to keep you going?
Every night, I’m doing some foam roller and I also ice my feet.

Haha thats it? What about food, do you try to eat healthy?
Not really…I went to North Carolina one time with JS (Lapierre), Alex (Morin) and Charles (Giroux) and they are all vegan so I tried to eat only veggies the whole trip. But I like pizza too much!!


Frontside Noseslide. Photo Eric Lemay

You disappeared from skateboarding for a while, what happened?
I was drinking a lot you know, every day and every night. I was working so hard because I needed money to party and the passion wasn’t there anymore.

What got you back into skateboarding, what was the spark that ignited the passion again?
One morning after not sleeping for 4 days, I decided to go to rehab for 1 month. That’s the best thing I did in my life!!! After that I just started skating again and the passion was still there!


Kickflip Frontside Boardslide. Photo Sam Fidlin


You recently got on the Empire skateshop team, is it hard for an older guy to get sponsors these days?
Holla to my man Phil Grisé!! I think it is harder but if you skate very hard like I do, maybe it’s still possible!! Btw I’m still looking for a board sponsor!

Who are your sponsors?
éS, timebomb, Furn, Empire, Ils en fument du bon, Undz and IFound.
Thank you so much guys!!

What is next for you? Any plans for the next few months?
Right now I don’t have any plans. This winter I’m going on trip with my new Empire teammates!

What is the favourite trip you’ve been on over the years?
Barcelona with the Timebomb crew.

You used to do a lot of contests, any particular one that stands out in your memory?
In Hamilton I was drinking at the bar with Dustin Montie and the best trick contest started on the big rail. I just jumped over the little wall/window thing and started skating and just like that I won a quick 1000$!

Do you still enter contests?
I’m doing 2 contest a year, Jackalope and AM Getting Paid. I would do more if I had the time.


Frontside Crooked Grind. Photo Eric Lemay

Thanks Pif!
Thank you for this interview.


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