Interview By Cain Lambert



-Hey Colin, what’s up dude?

Nothing much, just hanging out at Sk8 Skates.


-What’s good with the shop?

Oh, lot’s of things, Where do you want me to start? It’s our 30th anniversary this year, that’s pretty awesome. I think we’re the second longest running skate shop in Canada after Pro Skates. We just released a full length a couple months ago and the team is shredding and working on new projects. Sales are good, kids are hyped on the shop. Yeah, lots of good stuff.


-The Sk8 Skates team is really close, what’s the key to good team camaraderie?

I think the reason why our team is so close, is how we approach putting on a new rider. Every person on the team has to agree to the new guy, so there’s usually already a relationship there. We don’t just choose the best skateboarders, we choose guys that we want to hang out with and travel with. We do everything together, so it makes for a really tight knit team.


-You are now 33 years old, you have a business and family, how do you stay motivated to want to skate?

I just do whatever I want these days. If I wake up and I’m juiced to skate, I’ll go. I like to wait until I’m excited about it, rather than forcing it everyday. If I watch a sick part, or have an idea for a trick to film or learn I get all excited like I did when I was younger and go for it. I find that’s way more enjoyable. Skateboarding when you want to is fun as hell, that’s what keeps me motivated.


Half Cab Boardslide – James Morley Photo


-Are you inspired by the new generation of skateboarders?

Totally! I’m the furthest person from a jaded old man. I love how crazy skateboarding is these days. It makes me want to jump down things and learn new tricks.


-Who is on the come up, and why should we keep our eye out for them?

Josh Thorvaldson and Keiran Zimmerman, they’re just the best skateboarders. They’re totally different in their approach to skateboarding, but both equally as incredible. Keiran will film a trick at every spot and could put out a part every couple months, where as Josh couldn’t be bothered. He’ll just grind the gnarliest rails every couple months. He chooses his battles wisely, so his footage is always fucked.


-Who is your all-time favorite skateboarder?

Jon Allie.


Boneless – James Morley Photo


-If you could bring back a trend, what would it be? 

Definitely super doping your tongues. When you tie your laces behind your tongue so it pushes it forward. Then you can tuck your pants behind your super dope tongues for extra dopeness. That’s so funny, why did we think that was cool? I don’t want any trends to come back. They can stay in the past. Actually, they can all come back, I don’t care, I’m easy going.


-If you could dissolve a trend, what would it be?

Instagram maybe?


Caveman Nosegrind – Tyler Geurts Photo

-What is your favorite non-skateboarding activity?

Hanging with my family and horror movies. Not at the same time though. Dana hates them, and Brooke is too young. I can’t wait until I can show Brooke all the classics though. I remember how blown away I was when I first saw Dawn of the Dead, Evil Dead 2, Re-Animator, Maniac Cop, etc. I can’t wait to show her everything I grew up on. I’ll start her with Monster Squad, that was one’s pretty tame.


-What advice would you give 22 year old Colin?

I wouldn’t tell him anything, things worked out pretty great, I don’t want to jinx that.