Details on how to assemble that radical new spring skateboard you picked out. Don’t have all the stuff yet? Check out our previous post on “How To Choose A Skateboard”.

Lay it all out there so you know what you are working with. In addition to all your skate parts, you’ll need a skate tool (or various wrenches) and a knife or razor blade.

Peel the back off your sheet of griptape. Be careful, as it can quickly turn into a sticky mess if you let it get loose on you.

Place the griptape across the board, so that it’ll cover the board without leaving any part of the topsheet untouched. Just put it on the nose and tail for now, as pictured, to make sure you have it lined up right.

When you are confident it’s lined up properly, push it down in the middle, and work your way outward, flattening the grip onto the board. If you get to the ends and it looks like the grip is going to crease or bubble, pull it up a bit and work those glitches out.

Now it should be on there nice and clean, without any bubbles or creases.

Take your file and score around the edges of the board. This will act as a cutting guide.

Now you should have the outline of your deck.

Take your blade, cutting from the bottom and pulling towards you. Cut around the deck, ideally in long cuts, so you have a smooth edge. Cut down a side like this, then fully around the tail, down another side, and fully around the nose, back to where you began. Move the board around so you are always standing in the same place and always bring the blade towards you.

You should end up with this.

Take that excess griptape and fold it all together. It’ll be easier to dispose of that way, and we need it right now to do some sanding.

Sand around the edges of your board with the excess griptape. This will smooth it down so it’s less likely to peel off.

Now that your edges are sanded, poke out your bolt holes. You can take a bolt, screwdriver, or allen key and push them through from the bottom. If you are feeling up to it though, it’s fun to try to push them through from the top, by just guessing where the holes should be.

Your trucks will have two of these little washers on each side. One washer will go on the inside, and one on the outside. The washers have a slightly more rounded side, and a flat side. Place them so that the rounded side is the side touching your bearings.

Put one bearing on the truck, and then push your wheel onto it, so that the bearing lodges itself inside the wheel. It should be sunk in a bit and sitting in there evenly. Do the same on the other side, so that you have a bearing in each side of the wheel.

Put the nut back on the axle of your truck, and tighten just to the point where the wheel still spins freely.

Put your bolts through the top of your board, and then place your trucks on the bolts coming through the bottom. The side of the truck with the bushings should be facing in to the middle of your board. That goes for both trucks.

Put the nuts on the ends of your bolts, finger tight.

Now, with your screwdriver on one side and wrench/skate tool on the other, tighten them up. It’s best to hold the screwdriver still and just turn the wrench/skate tool. That way you are less likely to strip the head of the bolt. Tighten them up until all the heads of the bolts are flush into your griptape.

And there you go, you’ve got yourself a skateboard.

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