Birling does Oktoberfest

We are a bit late releasing these photos, but we drank a lot of beers out there… Every fall, Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company hosts a wicked, weekend-long Oktoberfest in Vankleek Hill, ON. The festival never fails to impress and raises much-needed funds for a number of local charities. This year marked the festival’s tenth edition and Mother Nature joined the celebration with a tornado-producing storm that brought attendees closer together as we huddled in the few covered shelters on the fairground. Talk about community building!

Beau’s Oktoberfest has something for everyone: there are games to play, a huge selection of food to eat, plenty of live shows to take in and, of course, some seriously delicious beer to drink. Tucked in the corner of the festival is the Blackforest Stage, which brings live punk and metal bands together with Birling’s skateboard team—a match made in heaven. Every year, Birling and Vans Canada build a mini ramp directly in front of the Blackforest Stage. The combination of live music and a weekend-long skate session is electric! Some crowd-favourites this year were The Flatliners and the Cancer Bats, but all the bands crushed it and contributed to an atmosphere that needs to be experienced to be fully appreciated.

Without question, the best part of Beau’s Oktoberfest is the focus on giving back to the local community. Fundraising campaigns for several amazing charities are integrated into most festival activities, encouraging attendees to drink up but also to give back. Beau’s manages to raise tens of thousands of dollars each year for worthy causes, including many of the United Way’s local initiatives, the Hawkesbury and District General Hospital Foundation, and—the cause closest to our hearts—For Pivot’s Sake, an Ottawa-based charity that puts skateboards in the hands of underprivileged youth. What better reason to feel good about drinking beer, enjoying a show, or skateboarding outside with your pals in Vankleek hill. Check it out next year—we’ll see you there!

By Adam Wawrzynczak – Photos by Aaron Cayer


Rat Pack


Cpt. Tom aka Tomas Pajdlhauser


Nick Bohne


Sam Lind


Ian Cleland


Ian Cleeland


Cpt. Tom


Andrew Manion



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