“Baby Blue” Blue Tile Lounge

Toronto’s Blue Tile Lounge skate shop recently premiered its 5th full length shop video “Baby Blue” across Canada. Now, as parts drop on-line and the full video release date looming, I got in touch with Shop Owner/Editor: Rob Lane and Editor: Devin Guiney to chat about travelling for the video, poster art, and the challenges of releasing a full-length shop video in 2018.

By Jeff Comber


First his “Purple” part and now “Baby Blue”. Bobby DeKeyzer is on a fucking roll. Switch Frontside Heelflip.

> Who came up with the idea to name the video “Baby Blue”?

ROB: The name took forever! Probably about a year. We have a small group of people who I have in a group text and I run everything by them. The group chat probably had hundreds of ideas for the name and nothing really worked. By the time we had to release the first teaser we had to pick something and Baby Blue seemed the least offensive and we figured we could make something out of it. Thanks Matt, Justin, Mike, Sean, Darrell, Nick and Rich.

Evan Hay goes the distance at Roy Thompson. Frontside Boardslide to Fakie.

> The video was in the making for some time. What was one of the biggest challenges putting this project together?

ROB: Putting out a video, especially a full length these days is extremely challenging. We’re lucky enough to have a really good team, which is great…but it also comes with the challenge of most of our team riders having bigger sponsors and bigger video projects to film for. Also, Instagram ends up taking some footage and a lot of time away from filming as well. Social media is pretty important for people these days and I wouldn’t disagree. All in all I was happy with everybody’s effort, especially the guys who had much bigger projects on their plate. Thanks guys!

DEVIN: Substance abuse and crippling hangovers were probably the hardest part. Motivation at an all time low. Being stuck in a mud-like substance. I’m still surprised that it’s over. Without Rob and the support from Blue Tile, I would’ve quit a long fucking time ago.

Joe Yates en francais. Ollie sur un vélo Bixi en visitant Montréal


> You guys did some travelling to film for Baby Blue. What were some of the destinations?

ROB: We ended up going on a few trips. Los Angeles, Barcelona, Upstate NY, Pittsburgh…and a few of the guys went to Paris too. Thanks for the help on travel VANS!

DEVIN: They sent me to LA and Barcelona. Getting out of the city and seeing new things helped spark some motivation. Everything is pretty interesting when you’re rooming with BTL psychopaths. Those guys have so much energy. It makes me feel like a dead horse.

Jay Brown has literally grown up at BTL. The flatbar technician keeps it clean on this cutty ledge. Backside 180 Nosegrind.
Lee Yankou does some unthinkable tricks in “Baby Blue”. This Frontside Boardslide Shuv up a handrail seems like child’s play compared to much of his part. Has to be seen to be believed.

> I love the idea of having guest artists create movie posters for the video. How did that come about and what were some of your favourites?

ROB: Sean and I were brainstorming on ways to maintain the hype as the video got closer and thought the posters would be fun. It really helped free up my time to edit the actual video and not have to worry about making Insta edits. As far as favourites go I really liked Ronan’s, Ryan Allan’s and getting Joe Castrucci to do one was a dream come true. I’ve always loved Joe’s design. Thank you to everyone who did one though, they were all great and it took a bunch of work off my plate.

DEVIN: Ryan McGuigan’s poster was definitely a favourite of mine. Ryan Allan’s had me pictured in it and me being a self absorbed prick…it was also a favourite because I’m so deeply in love with myself.

Plz B Careful. Nolan Waller pops an Ollie over a cannon, between the poles and over the pointy fence rolling away safely.


> The tributes to Justin Bokma and Darrell Smith were very touching. Those must have been difficult to put together, being so close with both of them.

ROB: Both of those parts were real tough to do. I felt that we needed to do something to honour both Darrell and Justin. They both meant a lot to the shop and Toronto skateboarding as far as I’m concerned.


Doubling down, Ryan DesRoches makes it easy. 5050 to Wallride.

> How did the editing duties get split up?

ROB: Devin Guiney and I ended up getting into a rhythm that I thought worked well. Each rider had a timeline and we would both do multiple edits, picking the one with the strongest song. At that point we would rip it apart and Devin would start from scratch. Lastly, I would go back over it and tighten it up. Some riders ended up having 5 or 6 different edits by the end.


Jed Anderson is a beast! His aggressive style gets you hyped to skate and will make you add an extra push the next time you’re rolling up to a trick. Ride-On 5050.

> How and when is the video being released?

ROB: The video will be released on USB and it will be available September 28th. We will have a bunch of extra stuff on it too (Devin Guiney’s last two videos “most things haven’t worked out” (2015) and “social withdrawal” (2010) will be included as a bonus! Hopefully everyone enjoys it.

> Thanks Rob!

You can buy the video from https://bluetilelounge.ca/


Darrell Smith had a handful of idea’s when it came to filming guest tricks for “Baby Blue”. He was also sitting on lots of footage that he never intended to go in the video. However, when his life was tragically cut short, putting together Darrell’s final part was a goal. This burly 360 flip was one of the last tricks he got on film and after watching his part you truly feel there could be no greater tribute to a dedicated skateboarders life. Darrell Smith Forever.