Man, what a great week end in Montreal. Another one! So many good events went down this summer and this year’s Am Getting Paid did not disappoint.

This year, Am Getting Paid was hosting The Boardr Am Finals. Winners of each stop at The Boardr Am got a trip to Montreal for the AGP and a chance at the $20,000 prize purse. Without a doubt, the level of skateboarding at this year’s edition was the highest its ever been.

Here are a bunch of photos from Saturday’s finals. Thanks to Empire and The Boardr for another great event.


Jereme Knibbs


Tyler Hunger


Leon Chapedelaine


Tyson Peterson


Lazer Crawford


Zander Mitchell


Maurio McCoy


Charles Deschamps


Joey Larock


Alexis Lacroix


Leon Chapedelaine


Barry Walsh


Phil Grisé


Jayden Bono


CJ Collins


Dillon Moore


Kirk Roach


Chris Wimer


Ke’Chaud Johnson

JS Lapierre


Jake Ilardi



1st place: Jake Ilardi

2: JS Lapierre

3: Ke’Chaud Johnson


Alexis Lacroix





All photos ©Dan Mathieu 2017